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West of Hot Dog

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West of Hot Dog

Published 1924

Silent western starring Stan Laurel before he teamed up with Oliver Hardy.

Note: This movie can only be viewed properly using the VLC player. You can download it for free here:

Run time 30 minutes
Audio/Visual silent, color


Reviewer: lgeubank - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 17, 2011
Subject: Classy Stan Laurel Comedy
If there were A-pictures and B-pictures in the silent era, this had to be an A picture.

It has an interesting plot -- Stan goes to get his inheritance and gets mixed up with some wild-west bandits who want his money. Stan's persona as a sweet innocent is in great contrast to those dirty roughnecks.

There are a lot of good sight gags -- the silents were so good at those. Even the special effects (like Stan getting thrown out a 2nd-story window) are much smoother and more believable than such things usually were in silent movies.

And, I liked the accompanying score, which is a sort of ragtime pianist playing semi-familiar hits from the era, like "Johnny get your gun" and "Over There." There was one (I think) ragtime standard which I couldn't name. (Maybe it's a piano duet -- there sure is a lot of playing going on.)

All in all, a good, classy Grade A silent movie.

Reviewer: roko42 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 14, 2007
Subject: Great Movie
Really good performance of Stan Laurel!
Please(!) read first and than complain.
I'll try to do a new encoding :-)
Reviewer: munkyman - favorite - March 29, 2007
Subject: Why did you bother??
Thanks for nothing. Why did you bother to put a movie on this site that you new was improperly encoded. I hope someone who knows how to use a video program gets a hold of a good copy and uploads a playable file. A big let down for serious Stan Laurel fans.
Reviewer: ewingrr - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 11, 2006
Subject: Try VLC Player!
This film can be viewed using VLC Player, you can download this for free here:

For some reason this movie will not player properly with other players. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Reviewer: Essayist - favorite - December 9, 2006
Subject: Disappointed
I am very disappointed to say that after downloading, the film it failed to play properly.
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